What's to lose and everything to gain

While I encourage watching the entire video and I use the term watch loosely because on these types of videos including Simon Sinek I put my headphones on and listen while I go about my work. I think you will find starting at 48:00 when Tom Peters is asked what he would have done differently in his career that in trying to answer the wisdom that comes forth is very enlightening. The last words he speaks before the very end of the video sum it all up and could not have been expressed better by anyone. Paraphrasing "Caring about people, what's to lose and everything to gain".

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is getting a hell of an education with Tesla. It would behoove many companies to pay attention to those lessons. I thank Elon for being public with what he is learning.

Excerpts from an email with a colleague

J - .............." It sounds like there are lots of employers that are having a hard time finding people these days." MBM - ............ I will say that I think companies are causing some of their own hiring issues with the extensive use of temp agencies and an underwhelming effort at training new hires. Companies want to say they are having trouble finding good people, but I think they don't give new hires a fighting chance to develop into good employees. We had a person from the Harvey county economic development in the office the other day. They were wondering what kind of training they could be offering. I think my answer surprised them. I wanted general business training. Employees d


My reflections gathered through reading, listening, personal work experience and observation 

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.

Peter Drucker


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