Wondering where were the adults

Tell me experience does not count. "Ten new streetcars that Seattle ordered to expand its system may be of no use to the city, as their extra-large size could prevent them from fitting on the current tracks or inside the maintenance barn. The Seattle Department of Transportation ordered the new streetcars at a cost of $52 million to connect its two existing streetcar lines, the Seattle Times reported. However, the new cars are heavier and longer than the existing cars, Mayor Jenny Durkan's office said in a statement." "At some point, the contract appears to have been changed to increase the length and weight of the cars."

If you are not hiring over fifty I question your judgement

Recently the topic of being over fifty and the current job market has been brought up in conversations. Being over fifty and at times staring the job market in the face I find the reasons for not hiring over fifty to be specious at best. If a company is not able to look at the body of work an over fifty would bring to their job and the "value" added of experience and maturity, then I make the case they are not able to evaluate potential employees period. I hear the generic case of over fifty wants too much money. My question to HR is, did you bother to ask, did you offer some other form of compensation or have you just rejected their application based on age. The young versus old compar


My reflections gathered through reading, listening, personal work experience and observation 

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.

Peter Drucker


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