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The following is an article recently appearing on the website. In my opinion the author is right on the money with his article. Kraft Heinz Needs To Get Creative Peter Georgescu Contributor Leadership Strategy Kraft Heinz produces one of America’s best-loved meals, mac and cheese, but it needs to get creative rather than cutting costs to boost share price.Getty It’s a gift to parents with toddlers who won’t eat anything else. It’s everyone’s go-to supper on the go—the simplest, most affordable comfort food. On one popular podcast, when the hosts are talking about how hard it is to make ends meet for more and more people, they play a little jingle that sings the praises of “the m

Really Boeing? FOD inside completed tankers.

Now let's see, Boeing is delivering tankers with trash and tools left inside plus a tanker that has deficiencies in a vital part of the aircraft's functions. Hum, me thinks Boeing would absolutely throw a fit and fire suppliers did that to them. "Reports: Air Force won’t accept more KC-46 tankers until they’re cleaned of debris By Jason Tidd March 01, 2019 09:55 PM, Updated March 02, 2019 05:00 AM The U.S. Air Force won’t accept any more KC-46 tankers until Boeing cleans the airplanes of trash and other debris left behind during the productions process, according to multiple reports. Military officials have apparently found loose tools and other foreign object debris, or FOD, inside the


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