Take control

I had a gentleman visit that is pretty frustrated with the direction the company he works for is heading. The following is my advice. Think about it this way. A lot of people look at it as if they work for the company and the company is in control, but you don't work for the company, you are working for yourself. What you have done is make a contract with the company to trade your skills and your knowledge for their pay and compensation package. That puts you back in control or at least a level playing field and not the company. If you look at it as a two-way contract, then any future company that you may contract with the control will always belong to you and not the company.

Read with understanding

I like to read the comments on leadership books listed on amazon. I find recurring themes in the comments. Complaining that the book contains nothing new. - My suggestion being the leadership books contain nothing new because there are grounding principals regarding leadership that each of the authors recognizes and are in their way pointing those principals out. The answers are many readers do not want to accept the principals and are possibly not ready for leadership. Complaining that the author does not give them exact answers for every problem that arises. - There is no shortcut, and every book read should be expanding the knowledge base of solutions to the issues that arise. Complaining

Learning is additive

Learning is an additive process. You don’t replace what you know with something new you add to what you know with something new.

The bully manager continued

I wrote about the toxic work environment in my kid's workplace. The manager causing the toxic work environment is leaving. I am not sure if he is being forced to go, or he just found other work. I am hoping he is being forced to leave from the standpoint that upper management realizes they have a problem. My son informed us the other day that they had been informed if they cannot find more workers, everyone would need to work seven days a week. He is not happy about that and is very close to wanting to leave. I told him to stick it out until a new person is in charge to see how the environment changes. My son said that the Villa is considering bringing back the person they had let go and

Common Sense

I don't care how many experts you have in your organization. Common sense has to rule the day. My Business Muse

36 years of success

I sit at my computer writing my feelings and reflections on what the close to thirty-six years of a labor of love means to me. I get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of products manufactured by the shop and myself. -- The shop succeeded in every way in its mission of meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers with exceeding the expectations being the rule, not the exception. I can count on one finger in the last ten to fifteen years that a project left the shop that was not up to customer expectations, and on one hand in the life of the shop, the number times we did not meet expectations. How is that possible. The answer is our pride in our work. Customer satisfaction was a per

The bully manager

Examples of behavior exhibited by a manager, supervisor, or lead that will get me angry enough to blow my top. I have zero tolerance for abusive superiors. They are cowards each and every one. It takes nothing to bully people afraid for their jobs. 1. Abusing the power of their status to intimidate employees. 2. Using security cameras to spy on employees when not at the workplace. 3. Letting older work staff bully the teenage work staff. 4. Using the schedule to punish employees. 5. Pushing their own duties down on the team. 6. Creating a toxic work environment. All of these, plus more, are happening in food services at the retirement home where my kids work. Unfortunately, there is not


My reflections gathered through reading, listening, personal work experience and observation 

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.

Peter Drucker


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