Are you the grammar police.

I recently saw a post stating, "you are judged by your grammar". Proper grammar is not and never has been a sign of intelligence. The use of appropriate grammar only shows you know the rules of grammar and nothing else. It is not a sign of extensive knowledge or problem-solving skills. My position is if you are paying attention to perfect grammar, then you are not paying attention to the message or the opportunity to learn. I see time after time on forum posts where someone uses improper grammar therefore, their post and their knowledge must be thrown out. I would rather hang around people who consider learning and the opportunity to learn the priority over whether or not the information is

Warning, Central Planning Ahead

Much of central planning is created under the auspices of health and safety with the threat of punitive action if not obeyed. While a person may agree in principle with the original underlying reason for the formation of a central plan once the initial goal has been reached, the persons in charge of the plan will react to any attempt at curbing their authority granted under the policy. The reaction generally is to extend the reach of the original goal and, in many cases, make the goal a moving target. At some point, even the supporters of the original plan become trapped in it's tangled web of ever-increasing regulation. Supporters will cry foul that they should be exempt from the extended r

Not a defect.

This morning I was able to put words to this. A difference in personality is not a defect in the other person. So many times, I see people looking down on other people because of a difference in character. It's called that most extraordinary of things, being human. Let's extend that thought. • A difference in income level is not a personal defect. • A difference in education level is not a personal defect. • A difference in job position is not a personal defect. •A difference in upbringing is not a personal defect. •A difference in race is not a personal defect. Another of the most human of things is to use those and other differences to elevate oneself to a level of self-importance over ot


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The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.

Peter Drucker


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