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You can describe my involvement in the company as solving problems for customers. The goal of the company becoming an extension of our customer's production, with the result being the successful delivery of the customer's own products.


Commitment to quality is an integral part of my value of customer service. The history of the companies success in delivering products at a near-zero rejection rate is a source of pride for me; a result of the commitment to the "quality is job 1" philosophy. If you start with quality as the goal, you will end with quality as a result. It is much harder to inspect your way to quality after the fact than to build quality into the company culture and manufacturing process.

Experience in a small business environment means having hands-on involvement in each step of the manufacturing process. This involvement has given me the skill of looking ahead at each progressive step to determine how each step will affect the quality of the product and the manufacturing efficiency of the product.

  • Embracing and implementing new technologies, enhancing current processes, and implementing new procedures as necessary.

  • Assisting customers and internal company log jams in resolving issues by employing active listening skills and then using a "keep-it-simple" approach to formulate solutions.

  • Building a work environment with a heavy emphasis on teamwork between employees, internal departments, and suppliers.

  • Planning, scheduling, and managing the project processes for new product development, production, and improving manufacturing processes.

  • Decision-making skills based on available data.

  • The belief that continuous improvement is a natural offshoot of critical thinking, caring about customer service, desire to improve one's self, and lifting up the people around you.


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My reflections gathered through reading, listening, personal work experience and observation 

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.

Peter Drucker


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