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I have finally reached my fill of companies whining that good people are hard to find. In my conversations with entry-level and established employees, I see a trend of minimum to nonexistent training of new hires by companies. New hires are being thrown into job situations and are being evaluated by if they sink or swim. How many long term loyal potential employees are the proverbial baby that is thrown out with the bathwater. It seems as though when people are hired, the expectations of job success by the new hire are lukewarm at best. With low expectations comes low job performance. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. A new hire knows immediately whether the company values them as a new member of the team or is holding off acceptance until the new hire reaches the end of their probationary period. The low expectation issue is compounded by the abuse of the temporary hire system. Expectations of temp agency hires are even lower than that of new hires. Once again, the temp hires are going to live up to expectations. They know going in they are expected to do the same work as company employees with none of the benefits and no guarantee of ever being hired by the company. So my suggestion to companies is to stop whining about the labor market and start doing things that make employees better workers. Raise expectations of new hires, reward them for their efforts, and you just might be surprised by the results.


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