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Scott Frost a winner

Scott Frost endured a tremendous amount of criticism in his first year of coaching the Nebraska Cornhuskers. While he was experiencing the criticism, Frost was quietly laying the foundations of a team. Frost understood that success on the gridiron would happen only after his players bonded as a team and began to believe in themselves as a team. I take my hat off to Mr. Frost for his perseverance in the face of criticism and his resolve to follow the plan he set for building a team for the long term and not giving in to a short term strategy. Mr. Frost, you have my respect. "I could feel the love coming off him," Foster said of his coach. "I could feel that he cared. It was just the feeling that everything's going to go well when [the seniors] are gone. I think that all came into play. It was a very emotional moment, very happy for me that in this last year, I got to do it with Coach Frost." Excerpted ESP article Mitch ShermanESPN Staff Writer


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