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A few thoughts on school and the work place

I spend a lot of my time writing about management, but recently I have been focused on the "worker". A far majority of labor jumps into the workforce with never having been taught any basics on how to be a team player in the different types of jobs they may find themselves in. -- For many high school students, their first job will be in fast food or retail. In my opinion, a class that can help set expectations for a first job would be very beneficial. -- A few of the topics I think need to be covered. I think courses like these should be required classes. -- 1. What are the expectations for a high school age first job? What are the responsibilities? Why it matters that the job performed correctly. Why good behavior matters. -- 2. What are the expectations for the various types of non "professional jobs". How to flourish in the differing job environments. -- 3. What are the expectations of "career or professional jobs". How to handle being in an office environment. How to handle the competitiveness of a job likes sales. -- 4. What are team leads, supervisors, and managers? How do these jobs function? What are the issues that pop with these types of positions? Why these positions at times may make decisions at times that on the surface do not make sense, such as sudden schedule changes. Including information available to the manager and not the worker, the manager being told to make changes by their boss. -- 5. What is the difference between being a leader or a manager why it matters?


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