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Does good corporate stewardship exist

I have noticed a local manufacturer who, several years ago, convinced the local city council that it needed property tax relief and help to raise money for expansion. The benefits as given are as follows; more people would move to my town, stimulating the need for new housing and more business for the local businesses. As far as I can determine, neither has been the case. Number one, the pay scale working on the line at this manufacturer is not high enough for the workers to be able to afford new housing, and existing housing is cost-prohibitive. Number two, I have noticed that very few people seem to leave the facility at lunchtime whereas in the past employees were regulars at the local convenience stores and restaurants. It seems there has been a net loss to the local eating establishments. The local print shop says there has not been an increase in his as a result. In a recent conversation with him, a familiar storyline emerged. The manufacturer only sends him work when there is an emergency expecting him to jump through all kinds of hoops for their small crumbs of business. In a recent local newspaper article, it was stated that the housing shortage was a shortage of housing for management as the town had not seen a demand for average wage housing. HHHMMM wondering just why that is. In reality, the only item that I can see which has increased is the property taxes of local families and local businesses resulting from tax breaks given the company in question. Local people who own a local business have had a combined increase in property taxes placed upon them to the tune of thousands of dollars. Is there a moral to the story. I will leave that to others to decide. Let's say I feel corporate stewardship where it really counts is slipping by the wayside in the name of profit maximization.


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