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Set "Temp" workers up for success not failure

Yesterday the shop had a conversation with a representative of a staffing agency. During the conversation, the representative confirmed many of the issues I had been uncovering as I studied the hiring of temporary positions. 1. Companies are farming out some parts, if not all, of the hiring process. Hiring from headquarters rather than the location in which the worker is to be hired. 2. Companies reliance on job applicants submitting applications online. 3. The number one reason new "temp" workers are sent back to the agency is the lack of training by the company. 4. Setting a low value on the "temp" worker, therefore, setting the stage for failure. 5. A clear distinction between "temp" workers and company employees. 6. An ongoing stigma about "temp" workers as being lesser workers. 7. Abuse of the staffing agencies by doing a round-robin of "temp" workers until they find the "perfect fit" rather than doing the groundwork that is required to train and welcome "temp" workers, thereby giving the best opportunity for success. Now having said that, there is as much responsibility on the "temp" worker to actually do their best when sent to a job. A "temp" worker can set themselves up for failure by a lack of effort. The representative did say that the American worker has it better now than they ever have. The current job market is skewed towards the job seeker.


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