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A brief history behind MBM 

My entire career is filled with asking how and why. I wrote the following as a proud summary of a journey that began over thirty years ago and keeps going.

The roots of Design Manufacturers Inc. reach into the mid-1960s when D.S. began working at Baldwin Piano Company first as an instructor and subsequently as a plant supervisor. In the early 1970's he worked as the plant manager for HESCO an office furniture manufacturer. In the early 1980's he began working for Precision Pattern, a manufacturer of aircraft cabinetry as the coordinator between engineering and production.

In 1982 he purchased a small custom office furniture company that was then called Wood Designs renamed Design Manufacturers Inc a few years later. Shortly after he bought Wood Designs, his son A. S. joined him in the company. The resulting journey has resulted in the manufacturing of an incredible range of products.

The journey includes but not limited to, the following:
Custom office furnishing
Composite aircraft cabinetry
High gloss finishing on aircraft cabinetry
Work on presidential aircraft
Vacuum Forming
CNC machining
Laser engraving
Solid modeling

In over 30 years the list of accomplishments just keeps expanding. So many of the products completed were the result of a customer asking if a part can be made with the answer bring it on we will figure it out.

Our greatest pride is in the quality we put into every project we start and the interest we take in the success of our customers.

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The essence of sophistication is simplicity. 

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