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MBM Philosophy

Who I am

I am an experienced veteran of prototyping and short-run manufacturing. I enjoy the challenge of prototyping products to developing manufacturing processes, to planning production and production. In my career, I have had the opportunity to be involved in developing processes and manufacturing of a wide range of products. The list includes building custom office furnishings, composite aircraft cabinet construction, vacuum forming, CNC router programming and operating, and 3D printing. 

Strong business convictions

  1. Teamwork between employees, a collaboration between departments and cooperation with suppliers

  2. Business is people first starting with employees, suppliers then customers. It takes satisfied employees and suppliers to care for customers.

  3. Every position in a company exists to support the companies products or services.

  4. Increasing efficiency can lead to higher quality. Higher quality can lead to greater productivity.

  5. Quality is job one and business philosophy, not a paperwork creation.

  6. Continuous improvement in processes is essential.

  7. The law of unintended consequences can never be forgotten.


Strongly held personal beliefs

  1. Honesty is everything.

  2. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

  3. Be humble in all things.


How I work

  • Embracing and implementing new technologies, enhancing current processes, and implementing new procedures as necessary.

  • Assisting customers and internal company log jams in resolving issues by employing active listening skills and then using a "keep-it-simple" approach to formulate solutions.

  • Building a work environment with a heavy emphasis on teamwork between employees, internal departments, and suppliers.

  • Planning, scheduling, and managing the entire project processes for new product development, production, and improving manufacturing processes.

  • Decision making based on available data.

  • Implementing continuous improvement as a natural offshoot of critical thinking, caring about customer service, desire to improve myself, and lifting up the people around me.


What I look for in a company

Experience has taught me that the most valuable asset a company has is its employees. A company that values its employees and sees them as assets and works to help the employee develop in their role in the company has a leg up on its competition. I value teamwork between individual employees and between departments inside of the company. This has to come from the top of the organization. 

Many companies websites that I visit will have glowing descriptions about their internal company culture. That is all well and good, but good corporate stewardship extends well past the doors of the company. It is my opinion the accurate measure of a company is how it behaves in the corporate community away from the eyes of the public. Does it treat its suppliers and their employees as valuable assets, or does it treat them as throw-away items to be replaced at a moment's notice? Something as simple as does the UPS driver have to stand and wait when he arrives to deliver or pick up packages can give an insight into companies' corporate philosophy.

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The essence of sophistication is simplicity. 

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