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Why I do it

Why do you do what you do? A much harder question to answer than it appears.

What motivates a person to stick with a small business for thirty-plus years. The gut-wrenching downturns in the economy. The lack of a steady paycheck. The frustrations of meeting or exceeding customer expectations only to have the customer disappear. The seeming lack of understanding in today's world that some things are done for the love of doing and less for monetary gain.


My Answers in no particular order

•I challenge myself every day to do every job better than the last.

•My satisfaction in being able to count on one hand the number of customers in thirty-plus years who were not initially satisfied.

•Zero customers who were not satisfied in the past ten to fifteen years.

•I love the process from start to finish of making products. •Having an understanding of all aspects of a business.

•I love to learn new things.

•I love to learn from people who have visited our shop.

•The satisfaction in knowing I have met or exceeded customer expectations.

•Getting to see and learn and do things that most workers never get to.

And finally the loving every minute of the following

CNC Machining

Purchasing decision-maker on cnc equipment

Programing 2D and 3D cnc toolpaths using Vectric VCarve Pro and Mecsoft Visual Mill software

Operating ShopBot PR4896 cnc router, ShopBot Buddy 2432 cnc router

Operating Multicam 3000 series 3 axis router with tool changer

Materials machined - plastics, wood, plywood, high-density foam

3D Printing

Purchasing decision-maker,on 3D printer

Programming 3D printing processes using Simplify 3D

Operating MakerGear M2 fused filament deposition 3D printer

Laser Cutting and Marking

Purchasing decision-maker on laser engraver

Operating Epilog Mini 18 CO2 laser 12"x18" laser

Laser marking of coated metals, plastic, wood

Laser cutting of plastic, rubber, wood, paper, fabric


Purchasing decision-maker on computer software

2D drafting with DesignCad software

3D modeling with assemblies using Solid Edge, Alibre, Geomagic Design software

Literature design with Corel Draw, Photo Shop

Web design using Yahoo Sitebuilder, Wix online website builder

Basic computer networking and other computer problem troubleshooting

Vacuum Form Plastics

Purchasing decision-maker on vacuum forming machine

CNC design and mold making

Vacuum forming of small parts

Final trimming of parts manually and by cnc

Office Furnishings

Machining and assembly of hardwood and veneered furniture

Sanding, staining and topcoat finishing

Composite Aircraft Cabinetry

Machining of composites.

Edge potting of composites.

Use of epoxy adhesives.

Use of panel pins in construction.

Use of structural inserts in construction.

Laminating and veneering of cabinetry.

High gloss top coating of cabinetry including spraying and polishing.

Use of catalyzed topcoats.

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