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Why do I have a passion

The people I work within other companies are the employees that work with managers and not leaders. I have consistently heard the same frustrations by employees over the years, and it seems to be getting worse, not better. What they want is not complicated respect, critical thinking by management, the ability to be heard, follow through by management on promises made, and loyalty to all who work in the company, not just to other management. Management seems to look at the factory worker i.e., the laborer as something less. Many of these workers in their working life have worked at multiple locations and bring a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspective to each new employment. When management only hangs out with their own kind and does not tap the labor knowledge base, they do a disservice to themselves and their companies. Many times I have seen companies make the same mistakes over and over when new managers do not listen to their experienced team members. As I study business, I see a relentless drive to more and more certifications. I am discovering that the more certifications that a person adds to their resume, the less attuned they become to the knowledge of others and the less common sense they exhibit—relying on the fallacy of their own invincibility as a decision-maker by way of certifications. Certification may give an academic knowledge of a subject, but without the foresight to apply that knowledge in the long term, the person becomes a stumbling block to the practical application of said knowledge. If the acquisition of data and knowledge is essential to management it begs the question of why would the acquisition of data and knowledge not be necessary to the laborer. Perhaps management does not want to be questioned by the common laborer. Therein lies the rub; most companies are being run by invincible managers who do not like being questioned. Rather than leaders who recognize the contributions to the knowledge base of all employees in the company. In the end, business will roll on chewing up and spitting out the most valuable asset companies have, the experienced laborer.

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