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Finite or infinite which game are you playing

How does Super Bowl LIII apply to today's business environment? Coaches like Bill Belichick of the Patriots and Nick Saban of Alabama, Dabo Swinney of Clemson, play the infinite game of team building while their counterparts are playing the short term finite game of football. They may not win every championship, but they are in a position to win championships year in and year out because they understand that a winning formula and team takes time to build. To add even more perspective to the infinite game mix are coaches such as Bill Snyder of Kansas State University. Coach Snyder's program used the infinite game perspective of building character in young men and coaching them to play above their "talent level". In the process, building teams that consistently had winning seasons and graduated young men ready to be leaders in their own right. In essence, Coach Snyder's approach was an infinite game of team building and life approach. I have a lot of respect for Bill Snyder. Too many people see life in a finite way. You live, you accumulate wealth and things, and then you die a finite strategy. In my opinion, life is an infinite game in which you leave a legacy that lives on far beyond wealth and things. How you played the game of life in your personal life, and your professional life has a far-reaching, more significant impact on your legacy than personal accumulation. The experience legacy you leave to the next generation impacts generations to come. Play the long term infinite game, not the short term finite game.

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