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The bully manager

Examples of behavior exhibited by a manager, supervisor, or lead that will get me angry enough to blow my top. I have zero tolerance for abusive superiors. They are cowards each and every one. It takes nothing to bully people afraid for their jobs.

1. Abusing the power of their status to intimidate employees. 2. Using security cameras to spy on employees when not at the workplace. 3. Letting older work staff bully the teenage work staff. 4. Using the schedule to punish employees. 5. Pushing their own duties down on the team. 6. Creating a toxic work environment.

All of these, plus more, are happening in food services at the retirement home where my kids work. Unfortunately, there is not much I can do about it but educate my kids.

What is equally as bad is the question, are the manager's superiors evaluating their performance? Is the managers superior turning a blind eye to the manager's bad behavior? Perhaps the manager's superior is equally culpable.

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