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The bully manager continued

I wrote about the toxic work environment in my kid's workplace. The manager causing the toxic work environment is leaving. I am not sure if he is being forced to go, or he just found other work. I am hoping he is being forced to leave from the standpoint that upper management realizes they have a problem. My son informed us the other day that they had been informed if they cannot find more workers, everyone would need to work seven days a week. He is not happy about that and is very close to wanting to leave. I told him to stick it out until a new person is in charge to see how the environment changes. My son said that the Villa is considering bringing back the person they had let go and replaced with the manager that is causing the problems. The employees liked working with the original manager, the question being would she be willing to come back after how the Villa treated her in the past. He pointed out that the residents of the Villa are beginning to be negatively affected by the negative issues. I do not put the entire responsibility for the issues in food services at the Villa on the manager; this issue started above this person. Their boss is responsible for the person who is responsible for the people carrying out the food services. The Villa itself is a small enough organization that the head of HR should have been aware that things were not as they should be on food services. There is a solution to the problem, number one company culture, and number two managing by walking around. Every manager in the HR chain needs to get out of the damn office, stop hanging out with other managers at their level, and be with the people making the company operate. Be a leader for goodness sake. You accepted the position now do the things the job demands. It frustrates me so much that work environments are allowed to get so bad before changes are instituted, and the relationship between employer and employee has to be repaired. So much trust has to be earned back by the employer before the employees will again feel safe. All of this was avoidable.

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