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Warning, Central Planning Ahead

Much of central planning is created under the auspices of health and safety with the threat of punitive action if not obeyed. While a person may agree in principle with the original underlying reason for the formation of a central plan once the initial goal has been reached, the persons in charge of the plan will react to any attempt at curbing their authority granted under the policy. The reaction generally is to extend the reach of the original goal and, in many cases, make the goal a moving target.

At some point, even the supporters of the original plan become trapped in it's tangled web of ever-increasing regulation. Supporters will cry foul that they should be exempt from the extended regulation but as long as they were on the "good" side of the regulation, they did not care. The people working to implement the plan do not care as they are only doing their jobs, you see i.e., my boss told me it was ok.

Many times when the veil over the implementation of the plan is lifted it is discovered that the leadership has granted itself numerous exemptions to the regulations it imposes on others.

My suggestion is to pay close attention to government reaction to the Covid-19 virus. Do you see a plan created under the auspices of health and safety? Did you agree with the original goal of the plan? Has the original goal been moved and is now a moving target? What is the reaction by the government to curbing its authority? Do you feel like you should be exempt from regulation that harms you? Does law enforcement give you a break if step over an arbitrary order issued by the government? Finally, does it appear as though the regulators are exempting themselves from their regulations?

I suspect the answer to all questions is yes.

Welcome to central planning and how it is created. Now watch at how hard it is to eliminate.

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